Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Next Level Dramatics / They're Still Here

Once again its on...check the government shutdown...concepts are revisited like family reunions in July! 

Convicts say they have the gist of it..but we can see how the corrupt ones get down...we found out they were a damn lie!

Damn!! even the Range Rover got caught up in the Hollywood Stuntz on the Westside Highway up in matter how hard we level dramatics occur! 

They're still here.....also known as grey area we ride..a bruh gathers and hunts...but were out there where the lines blur! 

.....its also known as intergalactic drama....but check the Westside / Bay Area Scenarios that made it national!

 But a fanatic will bring the dramatics to the Westgate Mall in Nairobi...the drama is international! 

Not acting irrational...chilling on the Rivergate Mall up in Nashville off of I-65..the next stop is Louisville / Newburg! 

Next level dramatics can jump off!! from  Cornell Square Park in Chicago to  police killing Jonathan Ferrell in Charlotte / Mecklenburg! 

Jokers are even mad at me!! because I didn't merge with the apparatus! 

I can see how they're caught up in the system / matrix ...after I check the status! 

....Not the Facebook or Twitter one; were dealing with a bitter one ...they tried to "holla at us" ....but I knew they were Shady Like Grady! 

....face to face with a crook!!  next level dramatics going down? guilt will be by association? ..unlike Luther it didn't amaze me!




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