Friday, April 04, 2014

Next Level Dramatics PT. 7 ( Last Minute Heroics)

Once again it's on!! like at Fort Hood? the drama goes down!! we can call them next level dramatics. 

Danger zone business gets handled..some were acting false in the hood..but check out these Navajo like Code some will bear witness to last minute heroics.

This concept was mentioned earlier on Blogster before I was confronted by the thought police.. but now it's on!! these Last of the Mohicans blasted on those stoics who were straight up hating. 

Unlike the Boston Red Sox receiving championship rings the lack of cohesion interfered with the teamwork!! the dream didn't work!! now so called experts and pundits are debating. 

The system knocks hustles..just like hackers that were impeding progress ...the mainframe gets hit up due to malicious code. 

Jackers waited in the darkness looking for food..ready to eat a delicious meal per the street code. 

I was hip to the deliberate discrete modes are exercised by this brotha!! please!! these haters will rush ya like Russia in the Ukraine. 

Victories and defeats are tabulated...I'm not surprised!! these jokers I'm trying to maintain. I deal with these next level dramatics...out here in the mainstream of mathematics. 

...trying to make it to the next level but dealing with the next devil check out the last minute heroics. 

We're in attack zones...hitting up these stoics after hearing the ear shattering gunshots that exploded..

O-Dizzle had the tracks...O-Zone this good breakbeat scientific principles we stay devoted...

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