Saturday, April 12, 2014

Taking It To The Next Level (We're On Our Way Up)

What's up? please!!  I heard what was said!! it was like word from  Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones

They said "time was on our side"  but Steve Miller said it keeps on ticking and  ticking..into the future;  it's rolling on. 

So I'm trying to Fly Like An Eagle..I'm avoiding backstabbers with the dagger....I'm on my on per Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald...please!!  I'm rolling!! O-Zone is trying to take things to the next level. 

...Of course opposition is Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers;  that's what the case is..that's how they respond to a bruh!!  as I deal with the next devil. 

Of course the devil's advocates were like chefs in Hell's Kitchen throwing salt into the game / every meal. 

Of course next level dramatics occur..the April Grand Cross is blamed...I even took off per the outback chronicles....outback on my deck I chill.

 Next level dramatics people bear the cross  from Louisville to the Bay Area and on back to the all points in between. 

These next level mathematics are the rebuttal..please!! I'm on my way up!! ready to roll ..I'm on my way after observing the scene. 

Fanatics were obscene with Russia rolled up on the Ukraine; now they want to cut the gas off..

Back with this..not fresh and clean per's rough out here..we felt the pressure...but we're on our way NASA were testing flying saucers..ready to blast off.. 

Back with this..the O-Dog Podcast is off the chain...we're taking it to the next level..

Back with this...check out this attack zone by-product..we were just trying to maintain...but the situation got out of control when we were dealing with the next devil...

Check Out The Next Level Mix (I'm On My Way Up) 

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