Saturday, August 09, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / The Usual Routines Rites and Rituals

The saga/ struggle continues; I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta  once again!!  the usual routines, rites, and rituals are followed. 

Like US airstrikes slowing down the advance of ISIS in Iraq a brotha breaks the cycle or mode; was the truth told?  the doctrine is not swallowed. 

Oh!! Facebook sites get likes!!  I guess some swallowed the doctrine hook line and sinker!!  they got caught out there swerving.   

Face to face with crooks? The Brotha O-Zone kept rocking while others were out here on I-20 switching lanes with no blinkers!!  but I was down with critical thinkers!!  the scene?  we're observing. 

Appetites?  we're curbing!! we're ready like Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons!! we might do a Shred diet per Dr Ian Smith

Insights were gained after going through storms like Hawaii per Hurricanes Iselle and Julio!!  so whatcha know? I was even curbing the 1973 Olds Delta 88 after the engine quit. 

These days and nights? I'm rolling in old school Toyotas and Hondas like other immigrants and refugees over on Buford Highway!!  new routines rites and rituals were developed like a postal worker!!  I pushed the envelope. 

Chilling out in the big city of Atlanta!! but flashing lights in the big city were ignored;  the programming will make you go postal!! soon you'll be sealed like an envelope. 

But I wasn't waiting in the dark!!  I kept hope alive per Rev. Jesse Jackson. 

That was the catch phrase / cliche back in the day when those routines rites and rituals were followed!!  but we moved on!!  now check the hot mess!! were supposedly in the action

These days? routines rites and rituals by these habituals will have you lost with people looking for you like where's Carmen San Diego? 

These days? routines rites and rituals will have you lost like MH370 in Diego Garcia; so whatcha know? 


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