Friday, September 05, 2014

Local National International Intergalactic PT.4

 Check the detrimental situations from polluted oceans to space junk; it covers the whole spectrum. 

Instrumentals by O-Dizzle reflect discussions with aliens in space about how the funk should go;  we respect them.

What's the dizzle? dysfunctional systems were like the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic where Joan Rivers went into cardiac arrest. 

What's the dizzle? what it do? this Louisville brotha will conduct clinics and seminars; I've known rivers per Courtney Pines!! but I keep going for mine!! I keep flowing!! for the weary? there's no rest!!  

We're put to the test from the ATL to Somalia!! it comes down from the Ukraine; to Oakland to Iraq mane! the drama can jump off anywhere...

Local National International or Intergalactic is where the irrational fanatic does business..the drama can jump off anywhere..

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