Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Life Is Hectic / Total Chaos / The Concept Combo

 Its like the family reunion around the Fourth of July; concepts are revisited! 

Life is Hectic....check the Total the LA Lakers without Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard;  whose a coward? Demon Deacons serve the communion as they come forth!!  now the drama is revisited!  

Dudes weren't from Wake Forest ....but there's a lot of fakes in the forest; check out the anti-Asian frat party at Duke; peep game...getting the gist of it requires work!

Life is Hectic...check the Total Chaos; a combo meal from hells kitchen? check the the confusion and frustration!! its like Damascus...whose on the road like Paul / Saul?  fiery lakes are upon us; these firemen fight the fires..we're putting in work!

Check out those taking a the structure burns down; were there arsonists like in Detroit around Halloween? 

Players were fronting;  faking and flossing!!  but corrupt contracts are null and void due to information overload!!  jokers are obscene! 

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