Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Corner

 Undergoing construction..but painted ourselves into a corner...damn!! now were waiting for the paint to dry! 

Similar to ongoing corruption while waiting in the dark? is it similar to Twitter being hacked?  tainted, scarred..but we went on with our bad selves!! up in Louisville?..once  standing on the corner talking junk.....said we ain't telling a lie! 

Corrupt ones get Sonic Blackjacked.....others made moves but the order restrained it...some can't go near the property!! but I spotted the ATL player on the corner... he attacked like Israel vs Syria...he was stalking in the ATL!!  ..something about getting crunk ; said something about catching up on his pimping! 

Whats up with some? suicide bombing like Iraq!! please!! the new world order gained on diplomatic immunity!!  even dipping back to the community wasn't a simple thing!

As we pimp through this thing!! bouncing through in these Nike Air Force Ones!

Or maybe Nike Air Maxes; but like Chicago anti-violence marchers the system taxes...some limp through this thing after self inflicted injuries; previously standing on the corner acting brand new..saying they're the ones! 

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