Thursday, September 12, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Check The Perseverance

 Were all up in the spot!! check the drama from all angles..from the mass hysteria in the burning boardwalk at Seaside Park on the Jersey Shore....check the score... were  dealing with it!  check the perseverance! 

The temperature is hot like the Mojave Desert!! its hot like the Antarctic ice melting...Al Roker told you to  check the weather in your neck of the woods...but its tight in these hoods..I expected interference! 

As we get with ya like Tiger Woods on the comeback trail;  these clearance rack epiphanies will be the mode of transformation! 

....That's after the mothership has landed!! some might understand it..that was the mode of transportation! 

A brotha gets scientific..ready to transport out of the situation or slide through the portal!

Checked out how another kicked it;  they weren't authentic when they ride!! but I knew how the sport would go! 

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