Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon Madness; Pisces / Virgo Edition

Whats the deal?  jokers were acting funny...I guess its because of another harvest full moon..this one is in Pisces!

Still representing the Ville? of course!! folks don't know about it!!...said I was acting funny...why did they start this?  First 48 in Louisville  showed the ongoing crisis!

 Chilling in the ATL...whats the deal? I see wannabe players chase Isis and Cleopatra! 

Whats the deal?  coping strategies fail... "ain't nothing nice" about this ...but knowledge is dropped when we holla atcha! 

Whats the deal?  noticed things weren't natural!! now brothas are flipping out like Aaron Alexis in the Washington Navy Yard! 

Full moon madness?  some are wishing it was simple after seeing how complex it is.. but earlier they said they were running it!! misbehaving like they were hard! 

Reason gave way to madness..the physically and emotionally scarred like Shundra Robinson, whose 18-year-old son Deno Wooldridge was shot in Chicago can bear witness! 

Back with this!! with a harvest for the world like Isley Bros...please!!!  I've got work to do!!  the Sun is in Virgo as I write this! 

Rays of light from the Pisces harvest full moon reflect off the mothership!!  as I keep it moving..good mileage I get!

The rays of light are shining on those waiting in the dark..some will acknowledge it!

"They ain't right" was the response from old girl in Decatur Georgia..talking about the GOP plan to cut food stamps..  

"They ain't right" ..but check the repercussions....under the lights of the full moon on the Pisces / Virgo axis is where a fool lamps....

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