Sunday, September 15, 2013

It Wasn't Natural

Using a fresh view / fresh vision to take a look at it;  I see it wasn't natural! 

Seeing what it do!!  like Voyager 1 leaving the solar letting you know when I holla atcha! 

Right back atcha!!  mystic voyages taken per Roy Ayers...putting our soul in this.. its authentic when we kick it!!  its gotta be that way!

Right back atcha!!  peeping game; oh yeah!!  some are slick like Syria with the chemical weapons...I see how these jokers are trying to play! 

I let them go on about their business; like Floyd Mayweather Jr I'm still fighting...but for freedom.. I was minding and tending! 

Alter egos combine;  O-Zone is dropping this good word while  O-Dizzle is beat blending! 

Sending messages in the songs;  somebody might be able to figure the cipher out! 

Middle passages?  no way to correct the wrongs..but we still stay strong!! we weren't waiting in the dark...we didn't turn the light out! 

Like old girl with the lottery tickets at the store on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia I'm ready to scratch this or that off the list;  jokers "ain't right" ..I think I better let it go! 

Had this math for them;  taking the wrapper off..going off on those jokers!! should have known they weren't right from the get go! 

Things weren't natural!!  like the Sun, Moon and Stars or the Earth Wind and Fire! 

It wasnt natural!!  synthetic like crazy clown smoke shop marijuana ...but jokers were still like the Doors;  trying to light the fire!



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