Monday, September 30, 2013

Equilibrium PT.2 (Trying To Get Ourselves Together)

Trying to get ourselves together!! like maybe the House and Senate to prevent a government shutdown...were in search of equilibrium! 

Funk is pulled off of shelves as we put in work!! we'll shut it down like Public Enemy....issues?  were dealing with them! 

I was trying to keep it real with them and those!!  but jokers come at me the wrong way! 

I was trying to keep chilling...but eventually it'll be the wrong day! mess with a bruh..... that'll be the wrong play to run..per an armchair quarterback! 

Hot message from a bruh or a hot mess? we continue to go on with that! 

Some will ask; whats wrong with that? please!! everybody ain't able! 

Like a power forward a bruh will come strong with that!! because everybody ain't stable! 

Everybody didn't bring something to the table..but they told us they were a crime boss! 

Per Frank White or even Walter we shed light on the Total Chaos! 

Malls will get shot up like Nairobi per Al Shabaab! parks get shot up like in Chicago! 

No peace or equilibrium!! whatcha know?  like Republicans..I knew some folk weren't right from the get go!

 I see them! I wouldn't want to be them!  but I'll help free them from the locks and chains that hold them! 

As we try to get ourselves search of equilibrium!

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