Friday, September 13, 2013

Caught In A Moment Of Time PT.5

Chilling out for a minute or two... caught up in a moment of time! 

Dealing with the madness...the mass hysteria is from Syria to Sealand Park on the Jersey shore...please!!  evil is an opponent of mine! 

....Seems its all on top of mine!! even the arch nemesis in on the premises...the enemy was attacking on all fronts and theatres! 

But we fight back;  check the steady bombardment of the enemy position;  this is considered hazardous material.....we get with them / those / these! 

Chilling out for a minute; what we have is spiritual..just trying to be at ease....its going down like Tiger Woods when he was in his prime! 

Caught up in a moment of a time; a critical stage of development ...but its tight in these hoods..but I'm still  going for mine! 

Caught up in a moment of time;  still hanging in here!! but won't be hanging myself like Ariel Castro! 

Caught out here!! but  like I my prime; running things like Fidel and Raul Castro! 

Caught out there!! in the hooptie needing Castrol oil and Pennzoil transmission fluid! 

Caught out there!! but now I take the wrapper off....acting brand new with it! 

God is not through with me yet!! he has a plan per Ming and FS; angels wearing hardhats and lime green safety vests are spotted! 

God is not through with me yet!!  but caught in a moment of time was provided against those who schemed and plotted!


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