Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ducking and Diving

 Moving targets are hard to hit...11:11 on the clock when I wrote this...thats why they had us ducking and diving!

Who started it? its the anniversary of 9 /11 as I write this...its also Syria's Assads birthday..but its like were  dodging drones in Yemen!! they had us ducking and diving! were dodging clones;  who'll work with me? gamblers out for a fast buck were driving the fast truck off a cliff!

...a fiscal one like the GOP?  or on fire like the forest out in Yosemite..whats the deal with me? I was trying to chill in IHOP drinking a cup of coffee like Cliff! 

Little homie said "they get my drift"  when I told them its rough out here!

 Its on me and you to spot the power struggles and energy shift;  like Weiner and Spitzer out of the New York Mayors primary..the apparatus plans to take us outta there!

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