Saturday, September 21, 2013

Checking The Clock / We're Caught In A Moment Of Time

Once again its on!!  like Republicans defunding Obamacare what are some on? were caught in a moment of time! 

This is a critical stage of development; so whats up with it? I go there....a bruh is out here going for mine! 

What it do? some are going blind..the facts have them flabbergasted!

Whatcha knowin?  what will you find?  some are trying to mess with you like Obama vs Republicans...random acts of kindness never lasted!  

Whatcha knowin?  this brotha can work it out like Willie Hutch mentioned...random thoughts and sonic assaults that were podcasted were on the menu!  

Whatcha knowin?  we were caught up in the system / matrix;  but now we proceed and continue! 

Whatcha been through?  more than  BlackBerry workers can tell you?  life is hard on the boulevard!! life is hectic!

Dipping through the ATL on Boulevard in the old Fourth Ward; Atlanta police were rolling!! it seems my folk were disrespected! 

Caught in a moment of time;  who checked the clock?  11:11 am was Flavor Flav still wearing it? 

Caught in a moment of time; as we drop this breakbeat science ...sharing it!

At the mall over in Nairobi gunmen truth or dared least 20 people were killed...caught up in a moment of time..

Whats up y'all? act like you know me..please!! this brotha is dedicated to the truth...sharing it...going for mine...

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