Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Delete Button

 I was peeping game...damn!! I see a gatekeeper ready to push the delete button! 

I wasn't sleeping in the game;  from corporate, government, from the church to the street..I spotted the punishment glutton! 

They were up to something;  diets weren't gluten they weren't from the South Beach!

They were up to something...or at least they thought they were..soon their vehicle was towed by Bernice on South Beach

A little something something? thats what they say they had..all up in the spot..the action!! but their arms are too short to box with God...there's a lot of things they can't reach.
"Wannabe starting somethin" like Michael Jackson's song..all up in the action;  they're wrong!!  now I hear tires screech! 

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