Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hardhats and Lime Green Safety Vests / Building The Elaborate Fantasy

Spotted social / mechanical engineers in hardhats and lime green safety deals made concerning chemical weapons in Syria...some are building an elaborate fantasy! 

...They scheme and plotted like Apple wanting your the fabric is knotted...meanwhile I'm in the lab like Walter White..on Breaking Bad... but I had an epiphany!

Dropping insight with the good breaking beats....soon on the clearance rack like the threads I buy at Macy's and Target! 

Any clearance given for that per Edward Snowden?  check out these threads as I get open...I face those and these who had me as a target! 

But a moving target is hard to hit..told shorty about it! now its their philosophy! 

Its their Prerogative per Bobby Brown! like Craig Mack asked; can we get down?  so whose with me? 

No elaborate fantasy is built...especially based on the bad cards that are dealt by gamblers out for a fast buck! 

Where did the mothership land me?  earthlings run capers..then try to dip in a fast truck! 

As a brotha gets funky and scientific...breakbeats are the main ingredient! 

...per Cuba Gooding..but not caught out there like Omar Gooding; check this good thing we bring; but haters try to bring the pain...they'll impede it!

The pet at the zoo? I didn't feed it..I didn't kick sleeping dogs..I let them just lay there...

Acting like I knew....I didn't need it..what?  the elaborate burglars try to steal time from me...I pray as I go there... 


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