Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nothing Has Changed While I Laying In The Cut

Chilling out.....I was laying in the cut; but now I'm back...but I can see some things don't change!

Dealing with the madness!! like Republicans vs Obamacare!  please!!  I'm not playing around with the corrupt!! I didn't like the vibe!! things were weird or strange! 

Plus jokers are flipping out like Aaron Alexis at the Washington Navy Yard!! please!! its hard on the boulevard...the danger zone can be anywhere! 

Angles weren't complex!! please!! they were just worked a little different than Eric Snowden!!  please!! clearance was given to contractors so they can go there! 

Moving on to the next; nothing has changed! still dealing with interference!! even intergalactic!! aliens tried to contact us while we were out there! 

Plus jokers were dipping out in the Lexus after the caper was pulled!! down here in the ATL?  they took it there! 

A lot of folk are shook out there!!  waiting in the dark like the power was cut! 

Observing the scene while I took a brief hiatus; while I was laying in the cut!

Not playing around with the corrupt..I see they haven't changed like John Kerry skeptical of Iran... 

O-Dizzle is playing the sound..thats whats up...O-Zone hasn't changed...still dropping this good word man!!

Whats the dizzle? you heard man? drama will jump off like in Jammu and Kashmir...

Whats the dizzle? we were chilling /  laying in the acting like we we take it there...

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