Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tools / Tricks Of The Trade

Whats the deal?  social / mechanical engineering is going down; like Assad and Putin telling Obama to stand down..who has the tools of the trade?

Or tricks of the charade?...check how the game is played...lime green safety vests and hardhats worn during the ongoing charade? 

Maybe uniforms and helmets..modern day Roman gladiators in the Coliseum dealing with are played; New Orleans Saints already beat the Falcons...morale is low in the ATL...damn!! football season is here! 

Now the masses are distracted...Trayvon Martin?  whatcha starting? please!! I was even out in Oakland Coliseum watching the A's ...West Coasting ...but no treason is here! 

Plenty of reasons are here!! there's a long list!!  its full of tools of the trade! 

Plenty of seasonings to provide flavor;  genuine or artificial like synthetic marijuana? crazy clown?   or even Molly...during the ongoing folly some fools will get played! 

Its crazy how some get down!!..even after rules are laid down by the thought and fashion police;  who will make that call?  doing what the prompts tell them to do! 

One call thats all per Ken Nugent...moves are made as we come through listening to Ted Nugent...whose really down?  as we dip through!!  spontaneous! impromptu! 

How will they respond to this / respond to you?  slick ones said tricks will get played! 

Talk to them quick per ATL players!! keep it pimping!!  no time to ponder!! use the tricks of the trade!

 Those sick with it / slick with it use all the tools  / tricks of the trade...they're all deployed!

 As we kick it!!  old, new, and next schools are we fill the void!

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