Friday, September 20, 2013

Was It Them Or Me? PT.2 / Still Asking That Question

They must know something I don't know..I can see how they're acting! 

Drama goes down!! local, national like the shootings in Chicago, international?  intergalactic like NSA is tracking! 

Some act irrational....I keep fighting like Riddick Bowe!! whatcha know?  whats the deally? 

I can see whats going down!!  I'm like that group Today..was it Him or Me? 

...produced by Teddy Riley...what will the style be? foul will be the actions of the apparatus! didn't know?  whats really going on?  like my blog ....check the status! 

Were back with this!! doing our thing!! actually..we weren't worried about jokers..they should be worried about us! 

Were doing the damn thing!! but staying on point!! knowing there's no peace or justice!

No justice no peace per Trayvon Martin!! what are haters starting?  I thought it was me instead of them! 

Whats up cuz?  karma is something else!! some will get whats coming to them!

Whats up cuz?  I see some running to them..soon standing in line for the new iPhone...

Others take a fall like BlackBerry...but this black mans freedom is not some wonder what I'm on...

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