Monday, September 23, 2013

What It Do? They Felt The Pressure

Jokers were watching too many movies...believing in last minute heroics! 

Whose catching up on their pimping?  now feeling the pressure after dealing with these stoics! 

Whose batching up new episodes of the drama?  act like you know this per Fat Larry's Band!

Out there!! check the Information Overload..they're snatching up codes and data like NSA..check out the play..."oops upside the head"  like the Gap Band! 

Supposedly a drug overlord like Walter hiding out..jokers were ratchet up in this piece!!  they'll get pimped slapped man!! they're just a bunch of wannabes! 

Whose snatched up by the thought and fashion police?  they even said they were on to these!

Please!! its rough out here!!  I told you earlier...I even felt the pressure! 

Check the outlook;  its bleary!!  plus if your weary?  there's no rest for you!

There's a test for you...the drama is like in Kenya...with the Kenyan army vs Al Shabaab in Nairobi...

There's a test for you...its national like at the Washington Navy Yard per Aaron Alexis..or even in Chicago...not your typical Billy Bob....act like you know me..

I felt the pressure..It Wasn't Natural...whats up son? misbehaving with this? next with this? I'm letting you know what it do...

Others felt the pressure....mad like ATL Falcon fans because their team lost to Miami..they should know what it do!! 


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