Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tripping Out PT.4 / Flipping Out / Reason Gave Way To Madness

Chilling out after a brief hiatus...now were all up in the spot!! we had to come back to this! 

Dealing with it...whats the vibe up in the spot?  damn!! reason gave way to madness! 

Radical is the vibe or steelo of a Negro or black man per Aaron Alexis   at the Washington Navy Yard..that wasn't down with the status quo! 

Oh yeah!! whats the deal with him?   Lexis-Nexis is not needed..a joker was caught up in the system / matrix...I was even caught up  for a minute..but I knew what the deal was....I had to let it go! 

A Love TKO?  that's per Teddy Pendergrass or per the snake in the grass that was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the Lexus;  sabotaging operations! 

Reason gave way to madness as we deal with the fake..some even had security clearance like Aaron Alexis or Edward Snowden; they even tried to stop us from getting open... but were managing our obligations! 

Oh yeah!!  hopes and dreams shattered!! but clearance rack epiphanies and sonic assaults reveal were rocking the nation after picking up the pieces like AWB! 

Another copes..while another plots and schemes!! some teams know what the deal will be! 

....unlike the Pittsburgh Steelers...but whose real with me?  not authentic!!  mad about this!!  like all these Atlanta Falcon fans because their team didn't rise up against the New Orleans Saints! 

Whats the deal with this? whose real with me? tripping out like they're on that crazy clown...now flipping out...reason gave way to madness...there were no restraints..

Earlier they were exuberant!! rocking red and black!! now seeing "ain't nothing nice"  about this! 

Now acting brand new with it..like they took the wrapper off!!  but reason gave way to madness!

That's the deal with this!!  I wasn't rambling!!  breakbeat science is dropped! 

Jokers were gambling for a fast buck  like corporations..soon aborting operations after the next episode dropped!



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