Saturday, September 07, 2013

Collateral Damage and Innocent Bystanders

Were out here in the onslaught..its like drone strikes in Yemen ..the apparatus wasn't worried about collateral damage! 

....or innocent bystanders; as we go there!! like Peyton Manning dude said he was trying to do damage! 

Whose benevolent?  even if jokers switch genders like Bradley Manning? please!! interlopers and highlanders said the world belonged to them! 

....Spotted dude in the Toyota Highlander;  US Army Alabama tags ...Romney / Ryan stickers on the back...creeping through whats wrong with him? 

No American made vehicle?  supposed to be strong with them!! Sean Hannity told him let not your heart be troubled! 

American dreams or nightmares?  I see what it do..I was trying to post up like Shaq but I got doubled! 

Sometimes tripled as I dipped through Babylon...but I was able to get in the Buick Lucerne..didn't have to squeeze in the Lacrosse like I dip down I-65 in Louisville I bring it back...but the stress doubled..

The banana peel? I slipped on one...played like Obama at G-20; so what's up money? the truth they're disputing per Vladimir Putin..I see the stress doubled....

Damn bruh!! whats the deal?  like Lamar Odom..this world will have you strung out....soon considered collateral damage...

Damn bruh!! whats the deal? using a fresh view / fresh plans are put in motion; but its easy to be hung out and dried like clothes on project clothes lines..but I'm  going for mine..breakbeat science is used as a weapon in the ongoing scrimmages..

Damn bruh!! whats the deal? we continue to spar with the apparatus like the ongoing crisis in Syria...just trying to get open!!....but not to be  confused with the the big ballers and grand-standers!

...caught out there..I guess considered collateral damage;  the onslaught even hit up innocent bystanders!

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