Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We Should Already Know

Its going down...but we should have already known about it!! or act like we knew!

Its going down..like the mall in Nairobi..check the danger zone theatrics by Al Shabaab...whose wondering why fanatics act like they do?

Those that had a clue broke north;  but some left from up top!!..like from New York or in Chicago danger zones... now chilling in the ATL! 

But you can get popped like the homie Jonathan Ferrell in Charlotte  / Mecklenburg ...the system is set up for you to fail! 

From Louisville / Newburg to Sanford Florida...on out to Oakland..you can get dropped like Trayvon Martin or Oscar Grant...a victim of circumstances! 

Not being built.....just torn down;  so its no debatable circumstance! 

Bad cards are dealt...hurting your chance to succeed in Babylon! 

Bad hearts go out..spirits are broken;  but we were already knowing ....so what you on?

Familiar  spirits  thought we were joking...when we told them we wanted to get free and stay free...

La Famillia style behavior exhibited based on Louisville / Newburg default settings...demerits issued by the thought and fashion police...they don't know how to play me...

They don't know what to say to me..plus they didn't give me any dap or shake my hand like Obama and Hassan Rouhani.... 

I guess they thought we already knew...things we see through..we already knew the deally...


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