Saturday, September 21, 2013

Its Rough Out Here

We were at the staff meeting;  the facilitator asked if all minds were clear... 
Please!!  I had this math  to bring!!  I had to tell them its rough out here! 
But we fight back!! check the wrath we bring with this steady bombardment! 
Left for a moment but we came back...talking about peace like Hassan Rowhani!! but damn!!  check the drama...local, national,  international...even were in the heart of it! 
These random thoughts tell you about it;  another type of CNN or Fox News?
Reality taught us that conditions are harsh...malls get shot up like in Nairobi...confirming what Pops told me about the world being harsh...those were his words / views! 
Reality and fantasy are mashed up confirming knowledge gained...check my world views based on cruising through Louisville / Newburg! 
No vehicles are jacked like Grand Theft Auto 5 after the mothership crashed up in this piece!!  but with these earthlings?  I didn't merge! 
I emerged out of the darkness...some were still some are in line for the iPhone5!!  but I was was all the way live.. a champion repping Louisville hard! 
Let the healing process began!!  but it won't work for some!!  they're permanently scarred! 
Wounds remain open..but the arch nemesis is on the premises even though they're barred from coming around! 
Just trying to the Autumnal Equinox approaches..I'm waiting on the temperature to come down! 
Just trying to maintain....others see how its going down;  letting others know its rough out here! 
The reign began with a drizzle;  whats the dizzle?  I told you its rough out here!

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