Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hazardous Material? What We Have Is Spiritual! (Sonic Assault Edition)

Wearing scars like a badge of honor? enhanced / seasoned with hot peppers!..whose just a card carrying member? 

Bars in the cell hold us in;  part of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band ....per the Beatles?  like Michael Jackson  times we remember!

Running the gauntlet!!  seeing what the street does..all up in the action like Samuel L Jackson...body parts dismembered!! mind blowing decisions per Heatwave...spirits broken!

Running!! but it got lonely out there!! damn!!  sometimes hiding out like Eric Snowden! 

...or maybe like Walter White in the Granite State...its not my fault folks hate...that's why were getting open with new and improved weaponry!! like Iran or maybe North Korea!!

 Getting open like Al Shabaab in Nairobi? naw!! check this good word and brand new funk..damn it! don't hate... act like you know me!! this is a different scenario! 

But jokers say we have hazardous material like we operated a lab like Walter White! 

No haz-mat suits or lime green safety vests are needed...broken beats and English is the method!!  what we have is spiritual!! but we know some of "y'all ain't right"

Let the healing process begin...but broken hearts full of pain and anguish might have to roll that way for a while! 

Let the healing process begin...words are spoken..e-mails and text were sent..meaningless? as we deal with this Uranus Pluto'll be here for a while....

I was like a power forward!! as I went there!  the move was strong!! that's the style!

....Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..rolling down Peachtree Street...BET Awards are here..but I kept it moving forward..I had to move along!! not stuck!! mad like ATLiens because the Falcons lost to the Miami!!  now there's low morale! 

Kept it moving forward..intergalactic with it...but sometimes the style or steelo is sweated by these earthlings /  civilians! 

Kept it moving;  is this hazardous material? check the default settings due to chilling with Louisvillians....

Accused of being Louisvillains!! but what we have is spiritual!! I told you!!  no haz mat suits are needed! 

No shady dealings!! were operating with a fresh view / fresh vision during the ongoing smoke and mirrors show...that's what needed!


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