Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Its Going Down; Local / National / International / Intergalactic Drama

Its going down!! local / national / international;  check the intergalactic drama! 

Its going down!!  from the mass hysteria in Syria to the unrest in Egypt;  whose trying to preach it?  please!!..we've even got this ATL drama!

....that a brotha deals with;  these Tales Are Cryptic!! the street code is used! 

...similar the Internet encryption cracked by the NSA;  but no rights and privileges are abused! 

...even though like Isaac Hayes a bruh stands accused of the latest caper that goes down! 

....but like Subaru Outbacks driven by wannabe city Briarcliffers and Lakesiders in Dekalb County Georgia I slow down!

....but not holding up traffic acting erratic..but Outback Chronicles revealed its just dropping mathematics!! as we put it down like this! 

Outcomes can be tragic or there can be magic;  check the perspective...as it goes down like this! 

I was out there...intergalactic with it!! trying to stay out of the drama!! but like I told homie..like Floyd Mayweather Jr I was pulled back in! 

I was out there...but thought and fashion police were rolling like Georgia State Troopers posted up on I-20 in Atlanta!! a brotha?  they're tracking! 

But I deal with it...Chronicles are like Riddick..storm troopers were stacking the cards and dice like gamblers out for a fast buck! 

Gangster Chronicles let you know what it do!!  now check the intergalactic drama after the apparatus pressed their luck!




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