Saturday, September 21, 2013

Concepts Combined / Overloads and Epiphanies

 Check out the a left hook and right cross thrown by George Foreman! 

Or maybe Ken Norton..R.I.P whatcha starting? check the unpleasant situation due to greed; gluttons need to back away from the George Foreman!!

...grill; as we keep it real like the old hip hop cliche!! but we see the drama is revisited! a family reunion...but I was schooling them about how it goes down!!  local, national like up in Chicago, international like over in Nairobi, or even intergalactic;  maybe a fanatic will get the gist of it! 

Who made a list of it or this or that? damn!! printouts had the data circled in red! 

Check the information overload....soon there's a denial of service!!  now some redirected or misled! 

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