Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Outback / I-20 Chronicles : Concepts Combined PT.2

 Concepts are combined..I was dipping down I-20 in Decatur aka "the Dec" I'm sitting outback! 

...out on the deck;  on past episodes? like Oscar Pistorius  I reflect..last summer?  neighbors fired pistols outside on their deck..but I'm also futuristic...moving beyond all that!! going all out for that! 

What can you expect? North Korea fires missiles..while outside on my deck? unlike in some spots it's all natural..I hear birds chirping and dogs are barking..hopefully not up the wrong tree! 

What can you expect in the ATL? wannabe mafioso types were Nextel chirping...while bubbly burping wannabe macks and
divas were at the club swagging; was O-Dog barking up the wrong tree?

 Naw!! waiting in the dark will not be the strategy!!  I'm out here trying to put it down like this! 

Outback on the deck..thinking of a master plan  per Eric B and Rakim...rebuking those with a master plan like Putin in Ukraine
...check the breakbeat scientific we put it down like this! 

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