Monday, November 17, 2014

Almost To The Top!! (Next Level Business)

Some may jump to the same conclusion I have;  that this life isn't fair...

You know the struggle continues!! winning? losing!! that's how it's going down on the front lines in spiritual warfare...

Gov. Nixon declares a state of emergency in Missouri, showing me as we go there; you know the cliche!! as we proceed and continue...

What it do?  some hate!! who will work with me? please!! this is straight out of the kitchen!! BreakBeat Science is still on the menu!!!

The Sonic Assault?  that's what OMANXL1 will do!! lessons with the blackjack? we're  giving it to you!! 

Using the sound as a weapon!!  flowing like the soon to be Keystone XL pipeline? I'm going for mine!! I told you!! that's what we do!!!

Using what we knew and what we keep learning as we keep earning like Haliburton!!  we keep moving!! please!! we'll get over the hump!!!

Almost to the top with this next level business; we cut our losses but no bridges are we burning!!  now we're climbing out of the abyss!!  check out this breakbeat scientific business!! we're bringing sounds that bump!! 

Like Saudi involvement in 9 /11  we knew haters weren't playing fair!! we knew that from jump street!!   but we're still alive!! 

That's a good thing!! I've been around the world but it's still a hood thing !! even though the fire was fully involved we weren't engulfed in flames!! now we bring it to you all the way live!!

It's a hood thing!!  others didn't know it!! they weren't checking for me but that could be a good thing!! we're still out here trying to survive but we'll make it!!  we're almost to the top...

It's gotta be a good thing when we bring you the sonic assault; using jazz, house, soul, funk and  hip-hop!!

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