Monday, November 17, 2014

Still In Conflict with the World PT.4 / The Process Is Ongoing

As the acid rained due to global warming, we're sonic storming in response!!

Crashed and Burned like SpaceShipTwo!!! what it do? ** Failed To Negotiate The Turn In The Road** but now were in funk mode!! That's The Response!!

Lessons learned like Putin at the G20 Summit? it's hard to tell check the drama!!  McConnell Obama Bourbon Summits won't even get it!! 

No shirtfronting per Tony Abbott damn it!!  even though Metta World Peace will confront a brotha but JR Smith still doesn't get it!!
I'm still in conflict with the world!! no swagging, flexing or fronting!! Like Dilated Peoples and Kanye, I can't live my life this way!!!!

Like RUN-DMC and them, games?  jokers are running them!! please!! I can't walk this way!!!

Why Do I Talk This Way?  Write this way? inquiring minds want to know!!

I'm still in conflict with this world!! basically? I'm *Just Trying To Maintain* doesn't it show?

Don't tell me I don't know about it! peeping game from Ebola spreading ( R.I.P Dr. Martin Saliato) to watching leading economic indicators!!!

I'm In **Conflict With The World** politicians are irrelevant issue debaters...

Mentioned global warming; these thin ice skaters will fall through even if the US-China climate change deal works...

We span the globe brain storming before it's too late for us!!  we know how that deal works!!


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