Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blurred Vision PT. 2 (How Were We Living?)

 The vision was blurred; I mentioned I was waiting on the smoke to clear at my satellite station; the mission? I won't abort!!

They had me on the mound balking; I couldn't pitch!! like Bill Cosby pictures in the media with him rocking the gray beard I was looking bad in the sport!!

Players in the ATL were just stalking!! baby girl didn't want to be bothered with them!! word from this veteran now coaching in the sport!!  what?? paranoid like Myron May at Florida State? were flagrant agents and other  players trying to  run game on me? 

Using reverse psychology? What?  like Jameis Winston at Florida State or when Obama recieved the Republican hate they're trying to put the blame on me!!!!

Blurred visions of jokers knocking me and my hustle? these jackers will try to flame on me and you!! like Al Shabab in Kenya they're working on a come up!!

Check the smoke and mirrors; card stackers try to clear the books!! indictments issued!! charges they trump up..

During the ongoing reign of terror Funky tracks are drummed up!! By Who?? the brotha O-D-O-G.!

O-Z-O-N-E?  Just trying to do God's will!! it's based on what He told me!!!!

What He Told Me!!!! visions were blurred but some things are revealed!! I was broke but I was told to pay attention!! *It'll Show*

How are things working son?  just look at Ferguson!! I was told not to believe the fable about justice and respect; Please!!! what Did They Know??

Now it's Ready!! Set!! Go!! check the scenario as I leave the grey area!!

Oh the struggle continues!! it's like an episode of He-Man with Obama as He-Man and Boehner as Skeletor!! check the score if you can see it!! the stadium  was full of *Smoke And Mirrors* leading to the worst case scenario? ..

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