Friday, November 21, 2014

Flipping The Switch; IT'S ON!!! Once Again!! IT'S ON!!!.Once Again!!

                   ..........once again it's on!!!!............

Check me out as this Hip-Hop cliche is used; Let's Go!! Once Again It's On!! It's ON!!!

O-Dog is like Obama making executive decisions concerning immigration!! this brotha used the funk as a weapon in spiritual warfare!!  Please!! Knowledge is kicked by O-Zone!! .

Until the smoke or fog clears poetry is wrote,  plus Bass, Treble and Tone is adjusted!!

Checked the quote from Public Enemy!! Haters can't be trusted!!

Left busted and disgusted like Myron May at Florida State? what kind of food was on the plate? I checked out the diet!!  I wasn't with it! now check how we creep through!!

Discussed it; plays being run in Babylon have some Flippin Out!! Lessons Learned per Aaron Alexis about how complex the sport is!! the class? this brotha didn't sleep through...

It's On!! while protesting per Ferguson authorities peep you and your crew!! they're knowin what it do!!

It's On!! charges trumped up by the system based on what it supposedly knew!!

It's On!! beats are drummed up!! please!!! this tribe is real!!

It's On!! like the Oakland Raiders finally winning a game we're working on a come up!! we peeped game;  knowing that the vibe is ill!!

What I describe is real; it gets way too real!! sometimes running out of options..

A rider!! trying to get my hustle on but somebody knocks them!!

A writer!! using the black pen and loose leaf or using IBM / HP keyboards!!.

O-Dog?  A slider of the fader!! using Yamaha or even Roland samplers and keyboards!!

O-Dog beat hoards!! crates and boxes full of beats!! unlike Miami without Lebron getting beat by the LA Clippers we're bringing the heat.!!

O-Zone? the Good Word? he has a whole sack full!! I refuse to accept defeat..


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