Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Next Level Dramatics Revisited (Special Humpday Edition) PT.10

Check the scenario;  check the Humpday special programming / special situation / special edition;   damn!! it appears the force is with me!!

*Her Love Was So Def*  like that single by Full Force;  back in the day?  they got busy!!!

*Get Busy One Time* like they used to say back in the day!! man please!! don't start with me!!!

*She's On The Left And On The Right*  like Jeffrey Osbourne said; (the long version) back in the day?  she was a part of me!!

She was a part of me!! peace bro!!  no drama like Ferguson!!  *She's On The Left And On The Right Of My Mind*

Like Jeffrey talked about!! bamboozled / hoodwinked / mesmerized as I stalked about?  I thought our love was one of a kind!!!

....Like The Spinners talked about; bamboozled / hoodwinked like Malcolm X talked about?  I thought we were winners!! I thought it would last forever!!!

But living this life!! I wasn't shiny or flashy!! you know reality will say whatever!!!

Anotha brotha was cunning and clever;  you know how they do!! he peeped game!!

Big Pimping like Jay Z and them!! saw the love anotha had; like TLC? He'll creep up with game!!

....Plus there was no shame in the game; dude wanted  a piece of the action!!

Full court pressure on baby girl!!  he was promising satisfaction!!

Full court pressure like Vegas and Georgetown balled back in the day!!  maybe Louisville these days!! but some are back in the way!!

How will baby girl play this? Please!!...might have to take my heart back anyway!!

Before she breaks it!!...Intuition tells me any day that will happen; happen!!!

Flying high like an eagle!! Steve Miller!! next you know?  your like SpaceShipTwo!!  burning after crashin!!

Found out she was stashin phone numbers on her iPhone / Blackberry!!

Rounded out my perspective after being disrespected!! these days I have a *Fresh Vision* back then?  it was blurry!!

So now I'm asking her like *Is It Him Or Is It Me* Is It Him Or Is It Me??

Like Teddy Riley and the group Today from back in the day; feel me?

*Her Love Was So Def* feel me? Told you earlier!! It was one of a kind!!!

All up in my heart and soul!! *On The Left And On The Right Of My Mind*

But I was blind; Blind to the facts;  Love Blinded Me!!!

Got played!!! Now I'm asking baby girl **Is It Him Or Is It Me**....???

But you know what?  I dipped! I didn't wait around for a decision!!!

I'm just moving forward!! I cut the corner on them!!  now I'm coming through With a *Fresh View*Fresh Vision*

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