Saturday, November 29, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Were Doing Things Like That!!!

The I-20 Chronicles continue; we're doing things like that!! we're dipping through the streets of Atlanta!! I'm Just Trying To Maintain!!!

Oh No!! Oh No No No No!!! that's the response from a bro rocking the doo rag over on Candler Road over in Decatur!! he was victimized by a hater!! but I refuse to keep going through the pain!!

...Per James Brown talking about Papa Had A Brand New Bag it's not just a Hood Thing mentioned in my Random Thoughts blog!! from Ferguson to Egypt it's worldwide!!

A brotha has to pray about this; *It's Doing Things Like That,  That Have Kept Me Alive*

How did others play this? we're surrounded by slackers; they shuck and jive; meanwhile we're bombarded like ISIS by those  trying to impress with the Shock and Awe!!

How did others play this? #blackoutblackfriday was mentioned by some based on glitches in the matrix,  per the law!!

On No!! Oh No No No No!!  I wasn't impressed with what I saw!! like Boko Haram some were riding dirty!

I stayed humble while dipping down I-20 in Atlanta but some were even boisterous / braggadocios!! they'll get shirtfronted like Dan Berezowitz did by Bobby Petrino!!  they tried to tell this brotha he was unworthy...

....Trying to work me!! sideways glances and comments revealed the true story!! but they're messing with the wrong Negro!! I was already busy I wasn't slacking!! Work Is Put In!!!

Praying!! then bringing the Sonic Assault;  just trying to get out of the position I was in!

Praying!! thanking God for where he has brought me so far!! damn!!  I've come a long way!!

But he wants me to keep moving forward; so I Exercise Power in a strong way!!

Told O-Dog to bring the sound forward; let the sound play!! Yeah!..Yeah Do That!!

Hit you up with the Sonic Assault!!  as we act like we knew that!!

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