Sunday, November 16, 2014

Concepts Revisited / Rebuilt PT.2

Breakbeat science is dropped!! but in the intellectual realm?  Old girl said that everybody's not able!! grasp these concepts that are revisited; who will get the gist of it? instead they didn't take Sarge's advice and leave Mamby Pamby Land!! they listened to new type gangsters aka  the media and so called leaders!! they believed the fable!!

Those bunch of jackwagons!! some left the class early like Putin leaving G20 meetings because of questions concerning Ukraine!! what's up mane? whose impeding you? Trust in the Lord!! He's able!!

.....He's able to see you through;  no matter what the devil tries to do......

He built you / created you to be unique; per Steve Arrington  nobody can be you but you!! 

Even though bad cards are dealt you by these gamblers out for a fast buck!! they'll play you!! 

I see you!! like Bill Cosby in the midst of the  *Controversy* in the midst of *debatable circumstances*

**Being Built Or Being Torn Down?**  who's putting work in? some roll like Obama on immgration they'll  take chances!!

Per Ferguson protests others take stances!!  *What's Really Going On??* so What's Up?   What's Up??

*Debatable Circumstances*  are *controversial* some were like Isleys they said they had work to do but like the GOP and the Keystone XL pipeline it turned out to be corrupt.......

*Debatable Circumstances* these jokers are crazy!! The Brotha OMANXL1 will  *stay in my lane*

*Being Built Or Torn Down?*  concepts are revisited / rebuilt; either way?  we'll just try to maintain!!

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