Saturday, November 15, 2014

Concepts Revisited / Rebuilt

      debatable circumstances / being built or being torn down??

Freedom was promised!!  but like in Ukraine at the end of the day? some did nothing but renege!!

Please; whatcha on? like the G20 vs Putin over Ukraine what has you pumped up?? please!! it sounds like false courage!!

Please!!! what's up mane? I encourage you to do the knowledge!! find the truth in the situation!! look behind the scenes!!

Scientific study is needed...*Is the world dangerous and frightening?* is it in the genes??

Genetic makeup studied!!...whatcha know? nothing strange about this!! that seems the way to go!!

Egos soon bruised and blooded!! *built or torn down?* they were deflatable..

Some were pumped up like helium!!! what are they on?* circumstances are  debatable!!*

It's like when humpty fell!!  or maybe like the Rosetta Philae Lander running out of power!! but in this case thin ice was skated on!!

The one who is hated on gets caught up in the  *controversy* every time!!

That's per Ferguson!! so how's that working son? **Being Built Or Torn Down??**  damn!! it's got to be a crime!!

### Is It A Crime? ## like Sade sings!!  What's The End Result??

Check the clock: is it time? *controversy* due to the the Scientology type Pseudo-Religion found out to be a cult?

How was it that you felt? damn!! *circumstances are debatable*

*Controversy? * not sexual like Prince talked about!! the realm is intellectual


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