Monday, November 24, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / It's Like A Mystic Voyage...

As we proceed and continue!! we're dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! like Ronnie Jordan and Roy Ayers were taking a Mystic Voyage...
What it do? What It does?  over in Decatur hustlers were hustling and players were playing; meanwhile these brothas search for truth and knowledge!!

Getting good mileage rolling in the Mothership; we were out there like the Rosetta Philea Lander but now we're back on earth dropping the funk!!

O-Zone? cruising in the old school Toyota Camry like happy immigrants in Chamblee Georgia because Obama had their back!!  O-Dog's sound is rattling the trunk!! 

Fast breaking.!! ending with a dunk like Montrezl Harrell!!  a Cardinal from Louisville...

Mystic Voyages are  taken per my web page; my mind engages after scattered thoughts are gathered!! I'm not fakin!! like Cheryl Lynn? it's got to be real...

Per the 12" version!! out of the darkness? we're emerging while others continue to wait!! we're letting you know the deal!! plus we stay movin!! We Kept On Running!! Movin Targets Are Hard To Hit!!

How were we working it? dropping this good word while O-Dog is funky drumming!!  a brotha didn't forget...

Ferguson type episodes remind me so I didn't forget;  who's knowing What's Really Going On?..

...Name of one of my blogs;  a satellite station for the ill situations!! *Knowledge Is Dropped By O-Zone*

It's On!! O-Dog will stay movin / stay groovin!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on a Mystic Voyage!!

Check it out!!! we kept on running!! making catches like Odell Beckham Jr. while haters say what good will it do ya? they said we'll lose like New York Giants!! they'll try to discourage!! 


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