Monday, November 17, 2014

Waiting On The Smoke To Clear

A joker thought they were in Las Vegas!! they were  gambling with fate!!  truth or daring reality.

A broker told them it’s not too late;  commodities are bought and sold like gas prices currently down but soon going up; I mean,  really.

Smoke and mirrors implemented by those with the reign of terror really have these earthlings coming and going.

Horror and terror are in the playbook;  even if your “hometown / hometeam” you’ll get traded like Jason Heyward!! armchair quarterbacks play the role of a crook!!  so whatcha knowing?

Horror and terror are in the playbook per Kevin Durant vs Dwight Howard and Kobe vs Dwight Howard; I’m not a coward but laying low in the safe haven / safe harbor is the strategy as I observe the scene.

Parking lot pimping at the QT on Panola Rd in Lithonia!! soon I’ll be ready to roll based on what’s heard or seen.

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