Thursday, November 13, 2014

Change Of Scenery PT.9 A Different Perspective

I relocated;  those premises were vacated!!  I even cleaned the surface and like old girl I sprayed the air with Lysol. 

Vocations are breakbeat scientific!!  unlike the GOP 2015 agenda promises are kept!! now check how we work this!! check the style y'all. 

Vacations are over; I'm trying to break the internet but not like Kim Kardasian;  "I'm trying to tell y'all" the struggle is real. 

Breakbeat science is dropped on the internet!! but occasions vary;  now or later like grape candy?   understand me?  do you know the deal? 

Some might know the real;  locations vary!!  but some might feel like they're  boxed in.

Some might know the real;  from Ebola in Liberia to Chevron poisoning the Bay Area out in Richmond locations vary!! some might feel like they're locked in.

From a different perspective?  I'm locked in!! the mothership has landed like the Rosetta Philae Lander on 67P!! you feel me?   like Jay-Z I'm focused man!!  but they had me all up in the spot. 

I had to change the scenery based on what they were trying to do me!!  I was wise to the scheme or plot

During the ongoing battle between the haves and have nots?  I drop this breakbeat science. 

This good word is dropped and the trunk rattled from the funk!!  as I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta reading the signs.

The madness never stopped!! plus long lines were full of knowing and unknowing participants!!

I'm back with this after changing the scenery!! check the different perspective!! some might get the gist of this!!

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