Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Change Of Scenery / A Different Perspective PT.10

We're putting it down like this!! it's going down  after we changed the scenery. 

We're out there like it's Ferguson!! you heard son? we're out there like the Rosetta Orbiter Philae Lander but we didn't lose power!! coming with a different perspective!! found out what it means to me! 

We've got the power like Snap!! we're observing these scenes from outback on the deck to West Coasting!! but I didn't check in the Hotel California. 

They said if you check in you can't leave!!  Heartbreak Hotel per Michael Jackson?  please!!  I'm trying to stay in the action from the ATL to Oakland California.

Due to the change of scenery? I'm out here trying to achieve!! I'm ringing the alarm for ya like I was security. 

What's it all mean to me? culture wars / spiritual wars?  the politics bring an epiphany. 

Now clearance rack epiphanies per back in the day influences help me get to the root of this! 

The products are vintage / authentic;  but some say I act brand new with this. 

Searching per Roy Ayers!!  I found where the clue is after the change of scenery. 

Check the perspective!! I'm working it out!!  these players stay busy!! now jokers act brand new with me!

Check the perspective; is this a new me? naw man!! reset buttons we're hit so I'm back to the foundation; I'm back to the roots...

Disrespected like Bill Cosby? that's where they lost me!!  you can expect it on all of these scenes!! #lifetimebelike trife!! check out the ongoing disputes!!

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