Friday, November 21, 2014

Blurred Vision

Needed a *Fresh View*Fresh Vision* that's how we're living!! the concept is revisited!!

Progress impeded?  please believe it!! like ISIS trying to take Kobani thoughts of freedom are void where prohibited!!

But I get with it!!! in the midst of the crisis? Radical thoughts exhibited!! collection activities take place after they were once scattered!!

Using clearance rack epiphanies after paying the prices!! like the resistance in Hunger Games Mockingjay I focus on what really mattered!!

In the process? exhibiting hunger and thirst in these games after being  bruised and battered by reality!!

The process is ongoing *We Have To Struggle And Fight* Please!! I will not become a fatality....

A fatality in spiritual warfare? No No! I know how a hater will flow like Republicans filing suit about Obamacare; you heard son?

Reality fouled me!!  lines blurred in the grey area from the Bay Area to Ferguson!! 

So What Occurred? lines blurred! we couldn't navigate through the *Smoke and Mirrors*.....

Didn't believe the *Fable*  like some; now they want to shoot up Florida State like Myron May after they see how the apparatus play!! it was just a promotion of irrational fears!!

*It'll Show* Horrors and Terrors during the Reign of Terror?  only used for promotional purposes?

Whatcha Know?? Corporation profits reveal what the purpose is? 

Affecting how I work this? abort operations? this entity damaged? had to admit going through the process hurt this!! .

A brotha went on recon / doing the mathematics; check how I respond / check the sound; You Heard This??

Check the Podcast; You haven't heard this??  it's my response to the chaos!!

I'm talking about the madness!! when I come back with this I reflect; was it meant for us to take a loss?

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