Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Outback Chronicles (Winds Of Change Were Blowing)

 High winds of change blew through the neighborhood!! plus the rain was falling!!  I'm outback on the deck assessing the damage. 

My blends had spiritual significance;  O-Dog wasn't out of it like others thought! I didn't fall for the deliberate falsehood!!  I'm just processing the ongoing scrimmage.

....between good and evil; damn!! the reign is falling!! plus its hard to see through the smoke and mirrors!! as I go there I'm waiting on the smoke to clear. 

We're chilling out in attack zones;  haters try make sales pitches or try to accost us like John Boehner suing about Obamacare

I see what it do;  I raked leaves last week but now there's a yard full of them. 

Snakes revealed themselves!!  they deceived the masses per GOP winning midterm elections but Democrats aren't any better!!  snakes?  the yard was full of them. 

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