Friday, November 14, 2014

Posted Up!! But The Game Has Changed

I mentioned being posted up like Hakeem Olajuwon back in the day!!  I even had a dream shake

Dirk Nowitzki passed Hakeem Olajuwon on the all time scorers list!! he said he had a white version!! how's that working? meanwhile New England Patriots reveal their true colors!! But I see the game has changed plus some players on the team are fake!!!

Point guards try to fast break!! they don't know how to pass the ball to the post!!  plus they're like police in Ferguson and other jurisdictions. 

They shoot first and ask questions later!!  the drama goes down like Pulp Fiction

...Or maybe Kill Bill;  what's the deal?  like hanging out at White Castle at 7th and Broadway back in the day after going to the club  I'm still posted up like a true Louisvillian. 

Or maybe Louisvillain? these days!! I'm rocking a Louisville Cardinals hat posted up at the QuikTrip on Wesley Chapel Road  in Decatur, Georgia  drinking Central American Coffee!!  jokers think I'm Nathan with the Shady Dealing.
....or maybe pimping like Bill Cosby with the shady dealing!! once considered an African American patriarch!! a pillar of the community!!  

Babylon / American living? some are wishing it was a simple thing!! I'm chilling out!! one wrong move will cost me my diplomatic immunity!!

Some act brand new with me!! they sweat the way that I'm feeling;  I wasn't emotional!! another old school trait. 

History will repeat!!  this veteran lets the game come to him;  society will still show hate. 

History will repeat!! purposes? I didn't defeat!! I wasn't late!!  I was right on time like the Brothers Johnson. 

Posted up like Olajuwon!! that's what I'm on!!  or even like Kareem Abdul Jabbar!! but I realize the game has changed!!  for the course that's par!!  this is my response son!

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