Saturday, November 22, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT.6 (Maintaining Focus)

 As we proceed and continue!! collection activities are escalated!! we have to maintain focus....

Visualize The Sequence?  oh yeah!!  I had to peep this!! society hated per Ferguson Missouri manuevers!!  pain is brought on by the bogus....

So we approach this another way!!  check out how we work this son!! moves are made by this Veteran In The Game..

Now a coach in the game per Jason Kidd with a bad reception in Brooklyn!! but this is a good one!! I didn't get here the other day so I'm not the one to blame..

Not the one to shame kid!!  scattered thoughs are collected after being disrespected like Bill Cosby finding out what the cost will be!! but I didn't fall for the distractions!!

It's all game kid!! who's jumping and recognizing after karma is rectifying?   Adam Lanza types get seduced!! drama is introduced by ill factions!! 

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