Saturday, December 20, 2014

Collection Activities Have Escalated PT.8

 Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! now Scattered Thoughts are reloaded after collection activities in a different "hood"

Sonic Assaults are unleashed; a brotha moves like that!! check the transformation!! the cliche? it's all good!!!

Faults were accented by the demented like Sony vs North Korea concerning the Interview; what it do? This Good Word is dropped on ya!! but there are no information overloads!!

Not playing all my cards!! while hackers hack the mainframe I maintain passwords and entry codes...

Street codes respected due to Louisville / Newburg default settings!! I'm not part of the snitching pandemic...

Do The Knowledge!!  like Holmes told Watson it's all elementary /  academic...

Check out the rest of this article at  Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Collection Activities Have Escalated PT.8

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