Sunday, December 14, 2014

Taking Their Advice; They Told Me Yeah!! Yeah Do That!!

I was taking their advice; they told me Yeah!!  Yeah Do That!!  so now I’m laying it down like carpet….

Keep it movin!! had to sacrifice!!  but like my previous episode?  it’s hard to hit a Movin Target…

What are they proving? are they  like Dick Cheney  proud of CIA torture methods?  Please!!…if you start it?  you better finish it!!

What are they proving? jokers even tried to play me but I was wise to the set up or methods !! but I guess they play it like Jesse!!  they kept hope alive;  my embellishment? haters will try to diminish it..

As we Do That  / Act Like We Knew That;  the apparatus we scrimmage with..

As we Do That / Act Like We Knew That; chilliaxing!! listening to Andreas Varady with California Dreaming; negativety?  that’s what we deal with!!

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