Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Mysterious Box PT.1

 Check the Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position!!! the sound is used as a weapon...

...It'll also fuel the vehicle / mothership, so what's up with it? we're trying to leave the the Unpleasant Situation We're Caught In..

....Brought up in a spiritual environment!!  so fate is not altered!!  there is no Ecological Ignorance...

Spiritual Significance In This Operation? that's the deal with it!!  check out this good word!! unlike Dick Cheney concerning the CIA Torture Reports there's no belligerence!!

The debatable circumstance per being built or torn down? some will get what's comg to them per an episode at O-Dog's Podcast in my links section..

Traveling with this as Mystic Voyages are taken;  no need for Sony Entertainment due to hacks !! please even James Bond took a loss!! so we're using Google Syndication...

Check out the rest of this article at ..Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Mysterious Box PT.1

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