Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / We're Out Here Trying To Stay Strong

These are the I-20 Chronicles;  your dude is just trying to stay strong.

 Contestants / participants in this ATL reality show are mad at me because I didn't play along!!

....with the program;  *I'm focused man*  able to *recognize the bogus man*;  that's due to Louisville / Newburg upbringings.

Per the Funk Jazz Kafe I'm not about a slow jam!!  I wasn't down with the daughter of chaos!!  during the ongoing Uranus Pluto Square I won and took a loss!! check the endings and beginnings.

Sonic assaults are defending the compound like authorities in Sydney at the cafe!! every now and then we go out there!!  I'm asking jokers;  who they wit?  get crunk!!  like ATLiens. 

Per Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys; but what's up with these other boys? they were like Temptations who couldn't get next to you,  but they supposedly kept it pimping and kept playing. 

Check out what I'm saying with this "Get Fresh Crew"  type of knowledge. 

Per Doug E. Fresh;  as we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! the mothership gets good mileage.

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta bearing witness to how foul it is; along with enjoying the winning episodes. 

Some act like they're done with me!!  now they miss me when I dipped with the last laugh!!  now I'm in last math modes. 

Last path modes are taken by Sony e-mail hackers!!  high tech jackers didn't need an interview!! 

Last path modes when I dip down I-20? naw man!! soon Louisville / Newburg or Carolina Cruising down I-65 / I-75 / I-85 ....acting like I knew!!

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