Thursday, December 25, 2014

Still In Conflict With The World PT.6 (Holiday Edition)

So what's up when the stress doubles from being in Conflict With This World?  some may feel me on this!!. they'll Jump To The Same Conclusion....

.....Addressed this in previous episodes of this Sonic Assault platform;  during the ongoing storm? the funk a brotha is using...

Reached the Threshold like consumers stressed due to Holiday Debt!!  I got mad!!  like the Pope wants to end suffering I'm all about peace on this holiday!!  but like Tupac Shakur I'm not mad atcha!!  I'm mad at the game...

Will the truth be told?  Cuba will not extradite Assata Shakur!! some say what for? it's all game!!! 

This world is cold per the polar vortex; don't act brand new with a brotha out here in the danger zone!!  no need for The Interview a brotha can see what it do; it's all game!!

Angry;  but Anger Is An Emotion I'll use for fuel so the mothership can roll!! but I know haters will try to test this Veteran In The Game..

Not to one to blame because I had a notion;  brothas usually catch it though!!  just look at the six o clock news.

....They said we're slick with it;  like the ISIS holding Jordanian pilots while others lied about that and this per Ferguson grand juries!!  peeped the slanted views.

O-Dog cues up a funky track; during the ongoing crisis he's sick with it; he'll unleash this Sonic Assault...

But we bring it back!! even though we're still in conflict with the world we fight back!!! how else were we to respond to the hell that's caught? 

Lessons were taught when we kicked it: now we pass them on with these clearance rack epiphanies!! 

Presents that were bought? we returned them to the service desk and now we're at your service with this!! that's whats up with these!!

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