Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Still In Conflict With The World PT.5

So what's up? I'm Still in Conflict With The World;  per Ferguson and NYC chokeholds it seems for brothas justice and peace is impossible!!

2 NYPD officers killed in Brooklyn but The Struggle Continues; it's still about survival; how's it working son?  finding justice and peace? It's Difficult If Not Impossible!!!

What will the deal be son? it's rough out here for some!! take a look at it worldwide!!  it's going down from Ukraine to Pakistan!!

...to Afghanistan; what's up mane??  even here at home in the ATL it's going down;  you understand?

...As The Mothership lands;  as we touch down back on earth with the funk; providing proof..

...Confronting so called powers that be;  they'll get shut down like North Korea's internet!! what's up with that? some jokers  *Possess The Capacity To Withhold The Truth*

Fronting? flexing / swagging?  oh yeah!! they're uncouth with it!! check out the Deliberate Falsehood that's contributing to the Conflict In This World!!!

A brotha came through!! cloak and daggering / cloak of invisibility style!! peeped this!! some are acting false in the hood!!  now I'm realizing I'm In Conflict With This World!!!

Visualized The Sequence!! it's not all good!! this world is Wicked!! one of my previous episodes...

Out of sync with this!!  I was told *Extraordinary Flexibility Is Required For Success* so I go off into different modes...

Using different modes of transportation when rolling through the galaxy or in Atlanta down I-20; spotted rolling up in Donks, Boxes and Bubbles..

Mystic Voyages taken in the Mothership;  a brotha getting funky with it!!  overcoming my troubles....

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